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Wilhelm Reich & Orgonomy
  • Wilhelm Reich & Orgonomy

    Ola Raknes, Ph.D. 


    St. Martin's Press: 1970. First St. Martin's edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Very good. Shelf wear along the edges of the boards as well as spine's crown and foot. Wrinkles along the edges of the jacket. 


    "Several factors combine to account for the difficulty in discovering the orgone energy and also for the resistance against accepting the discovery once made. The ubiquity of this energy, its presence in every happening, made it difficult to isolate as a separate entity. The impossibility to bring it under exact measure made it refractory to scientific research, as western science hesitates to recognize as facts what cannot be weighed or measured. And finally emotional factors will make obstacles to the acceptance of the discovery: first of all the reluctance to recognize that one's emotions, thoughts, and actions are in part motivated by unknown forces; second, that the existence of a ubiquitous universal energy, when once discovered, must of necessity raise a number of problems in every field of human knowledge and experience, as this energy - in its primordial form or as other energies derived from it - enters into every happening, be it action or sensation or emotion or thinking or non-human event. 

    I have tried here to present briefly the main theories at which orgone research has arrived so far and the main observations that these theories are built on." 

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