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War in Heaven
  • War in Heaven

    Charles Williams. 


    Pellegrini & Cudhay: 1949. First edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Very good. A slightly cocked spine and small scrapes along the edges of the boards. Jacket has tears and smudges. 


    "'It may be,' the stranger said, 'but perhaps a happy ruin and a fortunate despair. These things are not evil in themselves, and I think you fear them over much.'

    'I fear all things,' Lionel answered, 'and I do not understand how it is that men do not fear them more. In the town it is bad enough, but there one is deafened and blinded by people and things. But here everything is so still and meditative, and I am afraid of what those meditations are. . . . Can’t you see that when life is most pleasant one suspects it most? Unless one can drug oneself with the moment and forget.'
    'I do not think you drug yourself much,' the stranger said, smiling. 'Are you sure you do not love your fears?'"

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