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The Spiritual Guide
  • The Spiritual Guide

    Michael de Molinos. 


    Methuen & Co.: 1950. Hardcover. Very good. Dings on the corners of the boards, underlining on a single page of text. 


    "When the soul is already accustomed to reason concerning the Mysteries, by the help of the imagination, and the use of corporeal Images; being carried from one object to another, and from Knowledge to Knowledge (though with very little of that which she desires) and from these to the Creator; then God is wont to take the Soul by the hand (if indeed He calls her not in very beginnings, leading her without reasoning through the way of pure Faith), and, causing the understanding to leave behind all considerations and reasonings, He draws her forward, and raises her out of this material and sensible state. Thus he causes her by means of a simple and obscure knowledge of Faith, to aspire only to her Bridegroom upon the wings if Love, so that in order to love Him she has no need of the convictions and instructions of the understanding. For in this manner the Soul's love would be very scanty, very dependent on Creatures, resembling drops, which fall only with pauses and at intervals." 

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