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The Fourth Way
  • The Fourth Way

    P.D. Ouspensky. 


    Knopf: 1959. Hardcover in a jacket. Second printing. Very good book, good jacket. Book has shelfwear along the edges of the boards and spine's crown and foot as well as one scrape on the foot. Jacket has tears on its folds and along its edges. 


    "If you practise this observation for some time you may notice some strange things. For instance, you will find that what is really difficult in observing is that you forget about it. You start to observe, and your emotions connect with some kind of thought and you forget about self-observation. 

    Again, after some time, if you continue this effort to observe, which is a new function not used in the same way in ordinary life, you will notice another interesting thing - that generally you do not remember yourself. If you could be aware of yourself all the time, then you would be able to observe all the time, or in any case as long as you liked. But because you cannot remember yourself, you cannot concentrate; and this is why you will have to admit that you have no will. If you could remember yourself, you could have will and do what you liked. But you cannot remember yourself, you cannot be aware of yourself and so you have no will. You may sometimes have a will for a short time, but it turns to something else and you forget about it. 

    This is the situation, the state of being, the state from which we have to start self-study." 

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