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The Fan Man
  • The Fan Man

    William Kutzwinkle. 


    Harmony Books: 1974. First edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Very good. Jacket is tanned with a little curling. 


    "SPAGHETTI! MAN! Now I remember. That is why I have arisen from my cesspool bed, man, because of the growlings of my stomach. It is time for breakfast, man. But first I must make a telephone call to Alaska. 

    Must find telephone. Important deal in the making. Looking around for telephone, fighting my way through piles of sheet music, man, piled to the ceiling. And here is an electric extension cord, man, which will serve perfectly as a belt to hold up my falling-down Horse Badorties pants, simply by running the cord through the belt loops and plugging it together.

    Looking though the shambles wreckage busted chair old sardine can with a roach in it, empty pina-colada bottle, sweet sticky gummy something on the wall, broken egg on the floor, some kind of coffee grounds sprinkled around. What's this under here, man? 

    It's the sink, man. I have found the sink. I'd recognize it anywhere... wait a second, man... it is not the sink but my Horse Badorties big stuffed easychair piled with dirty dishes." 

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