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The California Tradition in Type Design
  • The California Tradition in Type Design


    Edited by Robert Bringhurst & Peter Rutledge Koch.


    Book Club of California: 2015. Limited edition letterpress. Paper portfolio, loose sheets. Near fine.


    "This portfolio was conceived and proposed by Peter Rutledge Koch and was compiled with the generous cooperation of Zuzana Licko, David Siegel, Jennifer Sime, Sumner Stone, David Lemon at Adobe Systems, and Rudy VanderLans at Emigre. The thirteen sheets and cover were designed and set in type by Robert Bringhurst. For the most part, the 22 typefaces used or shown are identified in situ. The text face sheets 1 & 13 is Garamond Premier, designed by Robert Slimbach. The faces displayed on the front cover are Sumner Stones's Arepo Inline and Robert Slimbach's Brioso. The paper is Cougar Opaque. The specimen texts are from Cicero's 'De divinatione', Ecclesiates, and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. The edition of 1000 copies was printed in Berkeley in September 2015 by Peter Koch Printers using a Heidelberg cylinder press, vintage 1965, from photopolymer plates prepared for the press by Jonathan Gerken."


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