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The Barbary Coast
  • The Barbary Coast

    Herbert Asbury. 


    Knopf: 1933. First edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Book very good, slightly cocked and with tanned edges. Boards are chipped at the corners. Jacket is good.  


    "As late as 1895 a slave-dealer named Charley Hung, together with an old Chinese woman called Dah Pa Tsin, kept a hundred girls, all under fourteen, in pens in the rear of a building in Church Alley. This precious pair not only bought and sold, but rented girls to owners of cribs for a percentage of their earnings. Another noted slaver of this period was Suey Hin, who ordinarily kept in stock no fewer than fifty girls of various ages. Suey Hin became converted to Christianity in 1898, and in preparation for the good life sold all of her girls but seven, who were valued at about eighty-five hundred dollars. These she decided to retain for a while, in case she found the white man's religion impracticable." 

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