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Narziss & Goldmund
  • Narziss & Goldmund

    Hermann Hesse. Translated by Geoffrey Dunlop. 


    Vision Press: 1968. Hardcover in a jacket. Fourth impression. Very good. Text clean, leaves a little tanned. 


    “'I believe . . . that the petal of a flower or a tiny worm on the path says far more, contains far more than all the books in the library. One cannot say very much with mere letters and words. Sometimes I'll be writing a Greek letter, a theta or an omega, and tilt my pen just the slightest bit; suddenly the letter has a tail and becomes a fish; in a second it evokes all the streams and rivers of the world, all that is cool and humid, Homer's sea and the waters on which Saint Peter wandered; or becomes a bird, flaps its tail, shakes out its feathers, puffs itself up, laughs, flies away. You probably don't appreciate letters like that, very much, do you, Narziss? But I say: with them God wrote the world.'"

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