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Logic and Existence
  • Logic and Existence

    Jean Hyppolite. 


    SUNY: 1997. Octavo. First edition. Black boards with silver metallic lettering. Book and unclipped jacket are both in near fine condition.


    “We really believe that we grasp singular, immediate being as singular . . . We believe that we grasp what is richest, but what remains of this experience for us is only the consciousness of our poverty. We see the singular transforming itself into the universal, and unique being passing into nothingness as the nothingness of all determinations . . . we nevertheless always remain in the universal without ever being able to say anything other than the universal . . . Sensible consciousness does not therefore reach what it believes it reaches, or at least what it only intends . . . it believes it takes hold of an indivisible intuition of its being which is below language [when it apprehends itself in self-intuition, the reverse of intuiting an object], but all the other 'I'‘s claim to have the same intuition . . . Thus sensible singularity expresses itself truly through its own annihilation. It passes away, it becomes, it negates itself . . . If we posit it [immediate singularity] we see it dissolve immediately. Fundamentally, it is dissolution. If this dissolution is understood, if it is sense and discourse, it is genesis as well as annihilation; it is mediation . . . this cycle is endless.”

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