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"Knights of the Road"
  • "Knights of the Road"

    King Emperor Jefferson Davis.


    No place: Hoboes of America Incorporated, 1947. 12mo. Pictorial yellow paper wraps staple-bound, tiny smudge and slight soiling on the rear wrap. 47 pages. Signed by the "duly elected Emperor" of the Hoboes on page 5 next to his picture. First edition. Fine.


    Scrap Book, Volume One. A reference manual containing short scholarly essays, bylaws, a hobo glossary, poems, photographs, memoirs, correspondence between Davis and American politicians, and drawings. No copies for sale, none listed by OCLC. Outrageously rare hobo ephemera, touched by the hand of a king, in pristine condition. 


    "Whereas, it takes all kinds of people to make a world and the highways and byways of America are loaded down with hoboes, tramps, and bums, and Whereas, there is a vast difference between hobo, tramp, and bum, for a hobo will work, a tramp won't, and a bum couldn't even if he wanted to, and Whereas, society in general classes all men on the road as bums and tramps. Therefore, for our own protection we, the better element of life's highways, known as hoboes, have banded together to secure our rights and the respect and justice to which we are rightly entitled."

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