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El Coyote The Rebel
  • El Coyote The Rebel

    Luis Perez. 


    Henry Holt & Company: 1947. First edition. Hardcover, no jacket. Book very good with bumps on corners, otherwise crisp. Signed. 


    "'Well, muchacho, the uniform that you will wear will not be exactly like mine, but I assure you that it will be a uniform.'

    Under such promises no boy of my caliber would have thought of missing the opportunity of joining the rebels to learn the secret of shooting a rifle, and to master the art of making love to the beautiful senoritas. 

    That same day, while I was in the recruiting office waiting to be taken to the supply department, there came a countryman and said to the officer in charge, 'Senor Captain, I want to join the rebel army.'

    'Good, good,' muttered the officer, taking out of his desk some papers. 'Your name?' 

    'Jose Maria Dolores del Bosque - the people call me Alacran.' 

    'Good, good. Your age?' 

    'I will be twenty-five next week.' 

    'Good, good. Married?' continued the officer. 

    'Yes, Capitan.' 

    'Good, good. Sex?' 

    'Every night, Captain.'"

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