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Books 4-Pack

Books 4-Pack


4 pack of books, each including a new hardcover first edition of Eating Words: A Norton Anthology of Food Writing (a brilliant and comprehensive collection with selections from Audre Lorde, Anton Chekhov, Horace, MFK Fisher, Herman Melville, Walter Benjamin, Ernest Hemingway, Alice B. Toklas and many, many others) and three other titles to be selected by our staff. 


Concierge services available. We're a used shop, so we'll have to work with what we have on hand, but we're happy to work within whatever parameters you establish: specific editions, bindings, selections based on your astrological sign or current mood, poetry of a particular period, whatever you need. Books will be bundled and ready for pick-up when your food is ready. 


Pickup days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 4 to 7. Pull up in front of Bad Animal (1011 Cedar st), then give us a call (831.900.5031) and let us know you're here; we'll run everything out to your car.


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