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  • 2666

    Roberto Bolano. Translated by Natasha Wimmer. 


    Farrar, Straus, Giroux: 2008. Hardcover in a jacket. First US edition. Near fine. 


    "'The Bavarians are also swine. When you talk to a Bavarian, son, make sure you keep your belt fastened tight. Better not talk to Rhineleanders at all: before the cock crows they'll try to saw off your leg. The Poles look like chickens, but pluck four feathers and you'll see they've got the skin of swine. Same with the Russians. They look like starving dogs but they're really starving swine, swine that'll eat anyone, without a second thought, without the slightest remorse. The Serbs are the same as the Russians, but miniature. They're like swine disguised as Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are tiny dogs, the size of a sparrow, that live in the north of Mexico and are seen in some American movies. Americans are swine, of course. And Canadians are big ruthless swine, although the worst swine from Canada are the French-Canadians, just as the worst swine from America are the Irish-American swine. The Turks are no better. They're sodomite swine, like the Saxons and the Westphalians. All I can say about the Greeks is that they're the same as the Turks: bald, sodomitic swine. The only people who aren't swine are the Prussians, but Prussia no longer exists.'"

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