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  • Why should I read a book?
    Anyone who doesn’t read books is doomed. Failure to regularly consult the printed word is a serious invisible disease which in time can have terrible consequences. You will quietly become sadder, noticeably paler and, probably, little by little, you will lose your hair. We don’t want those things to happen to you, so we encourage you to devour all the fabrications, myths, contradictions, secrets, and wonders offered up in our books.
  • Is it okay to sleep with someone who doesn't read books?
  • Is it possible to get high off books?
  • Why books and wine?
    Both are needed to travel the Dionysian path.
  • Why used books and raw wine in particular?
    Where do we begin? It's certainly a more profitable venture than raw books and used wine. Both used books and raw wine illuminate the idea of terroir and both represent worlds to get lost inside of, labyrinths. We leave it to other vendors to sell you the wine that already graces your table and the works of an author that your mind has already domesticated. We want to sell you what you never knew you wanted and will be unable to live without.
  • What is a bad animal?
    A bad animal is human, all too human, which is to say, each of us is a bad animal underneath it all. Life offers few simple choices between good and evil. The more important and everyday decision involves a choice between gloriously embracing or catastrophically repressing our animality. After all it is excess, not prudish moderation, that leads to the palace of wisdom. That's why we feature books about villains with hearts of gold and angels with filthy souls that pair perfectly with raw wine.
  • What is your plagiarism policy?
    If our right to steal ideas is taken away, where will they come from? We at Bad Animal, who understand that all books are one book, suffer no anxiety of influence: attributed quotations are in quotation marks, but because we are creatively inadequate, pithy aphorisms, literary conceits, wry epigrams, coy similes, pointless ruses, and dry metaphors, are stolen, kidnapped, plagiarized, embezzled, and pillaged from everywhere and everyone, then corrupted, inverted, fused, debauched, combined, and misemployed, all for your reading pleasure.
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