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Where Go the Lonely Nights?
  • Where Go the Lonely Nights?


    Thelma E.B. Bjork.


    Huntsville: Bell-Ford Publications, 1964. Blue buckram boards with white titling, shoddy construction, damage to first few pages on both sides of the text block, not affecting the text. First edition. Good. 


    According to the preface: "The only present day novel in color which has been hand-set and a hand printed." Dedicated to all those who have experience loneliness. Exceptionally rare, husband and wife passion project, dark mid-century, outsider Southern romance. Significantly discounted due to the damage to early and later pages which was likely a production error, not later damage.


    "There has long been in my mind the knowledge that many other human beings over vast reaches of this world have also known the bleakness of long lonely nights. When the shades of night are pulled, what facets of human nature come to the fore to haunt them with unanswerable questions?"

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