• Visionary Experience and How to Change Behavior

    Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary.


    Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1962. Octavo. Stapled wraps with mild soiling, rust-stained near the staples. 39 pages. Good.


    Proceedings of the XIV International Congress of Applied Psychology held in Copenhagen in 1961. A rare pamphlet from the early days of the psychedelic era that commemorates an important moment of convergence for Huxley and Leary. 


    "Amid so many academic angels who are of course completely inhibited by their surroundings, by their intellectual vested interests, by their Ph.D.'s, it is very important, I think, that there should break in, every now and then, a literary fool who is not inhibited in any of these ways and who does start ranging about over this immense field and is not afraid of making a fool of himself, or of getting into some kind of academic trouble. I think that in spite of the fact that the literary man cannot contribute anything of solid scientific interest, he may nevertheless be of some value inasmuch as he does explore areas of this fantastic universe of the human mind, which the more cautious academic psychologist is rather nervous of getting into. And with this brief introduction let me get on to this fascinating subject of Visionary Experience."


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