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Under A Glass Bell
  • Under A Glass Bell

    And Other Stories


    Anais Nin. 


    E.P. Dutton & Company: 1948. First edition. Hardcover, no jacket. Good, boards and pages soiled with water damage and text block a bit loose. Towards the bottom of most of the pages, close to and including the gutter, there is mold. Signed "To Katie." 


    "I was eleven years old when I walked into the labyrinth of my diary. I carried it in a little basket and climbed the moldy steps of a Spanish garden and came upon boxed streets in neat order in a backyard of a house in New York. I walked protected by dark green shadows and followed a design I was sure to remember. I wanted to remember in order to be able to return. As I walked, I walked with the desire to see all things twice so as to find my way back into them again. The bushes were soft hairy elbows touching mine, the branches swords over my head. They led me." 

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