• Thee Psychick Bible


    Genesis P-Orridge.


    San Francisco: Alecto Enterprises, 1994. Glossy white perfect-bound wraps. 175 pages. First edition, signed by the author on the title page. Fine.


    Compiled here for the first time are dozens of manifestos, essays, quotes, and other miscellaneous writings, as well as never-before-published material from the TransMediator Genesis P-Orridge. An eso-terrorist of the first ranking and a gate-keeper of numerous doorways to alternative thought processes and beliefs, P-Orridge's weapons are language and communication: music, TV, the written word, and the example he lives. Thee Psychick Bible is a call for self-actualization through rebellion. Rebellion against the "latent fascism" of our times. Rebellion against the forces and folks whose control is at the root of the schism between our conscious and unconscious minds. Rebellion against the medium whose power is used to hypnotize a population, used to turn them (us) into sleepwalking natural resources.


    "Our aim is wakefulness, our enemy is dreamless sleep."


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