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The Way of Chinese Painting
  • The Way of Chinese Painting

    Its Ideas and Techniques. With Selections from the Seventeenth Century Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting


    Mai-Mai Sze. 


    Vintage: 1959. Hardcover, no jacket. Very good. Two small blemishes on the spine and one on the top stain.  


    "Ni Yun-lin often painted a dense grove of dwarf bamboos at the foot of rocks and trees, and also sunset scenes of a hamlet around which cluster a screen of young bamboos. In looking at these bamboos, one has the feeling that they are like the hermits who follow unswervingly the Tao. With the power of their spirit they could comb the wind and sweep clear the full moon. They should not be painted confused or crowded, for the air around them is clear and pure. There are three ways of rendering bamboos. One should observe the trees and stones near bamboos and match their ruggedness or delicateness." 

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