The Secret Life of Ronald Reagan
  • The Secret Life of Ronald Reagan

    Donald Freed.


    Unpublished manuscript, 1983. Two quarto volumes. Tapebound in black with light blue paper boards. Volume Two has slight wave at the top of the text block and paper sticker residue on the spine. 344 pages. Near fine.


    A "secret" history of Reagan leading up to his presidency which outs the former film star as a dangerous harbinger of a new, kinder, glossier fascism. An early study on what is now referred to as the fascist "deep state." This manuscript was published the following year by Hustler as a book "co-authored" with Larry Flynt, its cover illustration depicted President Reagan, who was sworn into office that year, as a demonic, fanged monster. No mention of Flynt in these pages. Peter Dale Scott among the acknowledgements, also an afflitation with a "Parapolitics/USA." Manuscript copy of this scarce and sought after "parapolitical" title.


    "The secret life of Ronald Reagan—not the private life, the secret life—is, in a real sense, the secret life of America. A shared nightmare . . .  America is losing its democractic system and tradition, becoming an 'authoritarian' culture (to use Reagan's euphemistic word for fascism. If this should happen to us, we will call our new system 'anti-communism.' And our new leaders will not be ranting demons who look like Adolph Hitler; no, they will be sweet guys like Ronnie Reagan."