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The School Among The Ruins
  • The School Among The Ruins

    Poems 2000 - 2004 


    Adrienne Rich. 


    Norton: 2004. First edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Near fine. Signed. 


    "Early summer lunch with friends, talk rises: poetry, urban design and planning, film. Strands of interest and affection binding us differently around the table. If an uneasy political theme rears up - the meaning of a show of lynching photographs in New York, after Mapplethorpe's photos, of sociopathic evil inside the California prison industry - talk fades. Not a pause but: a suppression. No one is monitoring this conversation but us. We know the air is bad in here, maybe want not to push that knowledge, ask what is to be done? How to breathe? What will suffice? Draft new structures or simply be aware? If art is our only resistance, what does that make us? If we're collaborators, what's our offering to corruption - an aesthetic, anaesthetic, dye of silence, withdrawal, intellectual disgust?" 

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