The Right Way To Do Wrong
  • The Right Way To Do Wrong


    Harry Houdini.


    Las Vegas: Gambler's Book Club, circa 1970's. Pictorial red paper wraps. A sizeable scrape runs along the rear cover, else fine. Reprint of the 1906 original. Very good.


    An expose of successful criminals. There is an under world—a world of cheat and crime—a world whose highest good is successful evasion of the laws of the land. You who live your life in placid respectability know but little of the real life of the denizens of this world. The daily records of the police courts, the startling disclosures of fraud and swindle in newspaper stories are about all the public know of this world of crime. Of the real thoughts and feelings of the criminal, of the terrible fascination which binds him to his nefarious career, of the thousands—yea, tens of thousands—of undiscovered crimes and unpunished criminals, you know but little.


    "But there was a time when I was not recognized as I am now. Those were the days of small things. That was in the middle West."