The Misfits
  • The Misfits


    Colin Wilson.


    London: Grafton Books, 1988. Octavo. Mustard cloth in a provocatively illustrated dust wrapper, now cased in mylar. 272 pages. First edition, flat-signed by Wilson. Fine.


    A study of the sexual outsider. Wilson's treatise on modern male perversion and erotic crime threaded through the works of the Marquis de Sade, Yukio Mishima, James Joyce, Henry Miller, Arthur Koestler, D.H. Lawrence, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and others. Writing on social alienation is how Wilson buttered his bread. His breakthrough work of social criticism, The Outsider, was published when he was only 24 and living the part. A self-described exisentialist, he also held mystical beliefs and remained an outsider till the bitter end.


    "Many animals masturbate—but never without the presence of another animal, or some similar stimulus. A human being can masturbate in an empty room: a triumph of pure imagination."



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