• The Lyrics of Tom Waits: The Early Years


    Tom Waits.


    Ecco: 2007. First edition. Hardcover in dust jacket. Near fine.


    "It's fast women, slow horses, unreliable sources,
    And I'm holding up the lamp-post if you want to know
    I've seen the Wabash Cannonball, buddy, I've done it all
    Cause I slept with the lions and Marilyn Monroe,
    Had breakfast in the eye of a hurricane
    Fought Rocky Marciano, played Minnesota Fats,
    Burned hundred-dollar bills, I've eaten Mulligan stew

    Got drunk with Louis Armstrong, what's that old song?

    I taught Mickey Mantle everything that he knows

    So you ask me what I'm doing here

    holding up the lamp-post,

    Flipping this quarter, trying to make up my mind

    And if it's heads I go to Tennessee, and tails I buy a drink,

    If it lands on the edge I keep talking to you"



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