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The Lives of the Hunted
  • The Lives of the Hunted


    Ernest Seton-Thompson.


    Charles Scribner's Sons: 1901. First edition. Hardcover. Near fine.


    Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds & Three Birds, And, In Elucidation of the Same, Over 200 Drawings. Dedicated to the preservation of our wild creatures.


    "Tito had many adventures in which she did not come out so well. Once she nearly caught an Antelope fawn, but the hunt was spoiled by the sudden appearance of the mother, who gave Tito a stinging blow on the side of the head and ended her hunt for that day. She never again made that mistake—she had sense. Once or twice she had to jump to escape the strike of a Rattlesnake. Several times she had been fired at by hunters with long-range rifles. And more and more she had to look out for the terrible Grey Wolves. The Grey Wolf, of course, is much larger and stronger than the Coyote, but the Coyote has the advantage of speed, and can always escape in the open. All it must beware of is being caught in a corner. Usually when a Grey Wolf howls the Coyotes go quietly about their business elsewhere."

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