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The Inner Life
  • The Inner Life

    C.W. Leadbeater.


    Wheaton: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1967. Two octavo volumes. Both volumes fine in maroon buckram boards with gold titling. The dust jacket for Vol. I is chipped, lightly soiled, and toned with a substantial tear around the heel, smaller tear affecting the crown; the jacket for Vol. II also chipped and tone, two tears at the top of the verso. 340 and 409 pages. Fourth edition. Fine in good jackets.


    The controversial clairvoyant who discovered and directed the formal education of Krishnamurti. He was ousted from the Theosophical Society after he admitted to advising horny pubescents in his care (including Krishnamurti) to masturbate. A wave of hysteric conservativism crashed down upon him, and he was found guilty of corrupting the youth in a kangaroo court. Interest in Leadbetter's oeuvre is on the rise thanks to a renewed fascination with his foundational works on astral projection. In these volumes he provides an overview of occult and esoteric traditions for the aspiring initiate.


    "There is a tradition that comes from the ancient mystery schools that those who wish to train themselves may tread a path of discipleship and spiritual growth, and that they can be helped on their way by teachers who have trodden the path before them. In this work the author speaks of this path and the inner life of the aspirant. He writes also of the invisible world of nature which as a trained clairvoyant he was able to observe." 


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