The Book of the Secrets of Enoch
  • The Book of the Secrets of Enoch



    Health Research: Mokelumne Hill, circa 1980s. Octavo. Spiral-bound with aqua blue paper wraps, sticker residue on the verso. Mimeo reproduction of a portion of the 1896 Oxford Press original. 100 pages plus a short statement and a catalog listing Health Research's other occult and metaphysical titles. Near fine.


    The Second Book of Enoch, also known as The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, describes multiple heavens and battles between angels and demons. The writing appeals to the reader who thrills to lend wings to his thoughts and fly to mystical realms. The text has been preserved in full only in Slavonic, though Coptic fragments of the book have also been identified. It was rediscovered and published by Oxford at the end of the nineteenth century, bootlegged by Health Research in the twentieth. Apocalyptic literature, tamper with it at your own risk. War in the heavens.


    "And those two men lifted me up thence on to the seventh Heaven, and I saw there a very great light, and fiery troops of great archangels, incorporeal forces, and dominions, orders and governments, cherubim and seraphim, thrones and many-eyed ones, nine regiments, the Ioanit stations of light, and I became afraid, and began to tremble with great terror . . . "