The Book of Pleasure (Self Love)
  • The Book of Pleasure (Self Love)

    Austin Osman Spare.


    Essex: I-H-O Books, 2005. Octavo. Cream pictorial paper wraps, slightly fanned at the corners, else fine. 59 pages. Facsimilie reproduction. Very good. 


    The Psychology of Ecstasy. Originally self-published in 1913. Spare gives form to his mystical ideas regarding the human being and the unconscious mind in relation to magic and the use of sigils. Spare trained at the Royal College of Art as a draughtsman, while also taking a personal interest in Theosophy and Occultism, becoming briefly involved with Aleister Crowley. This is the second of his grimoires that detail his own vision of occult philosophy.


    "Do not Heaven and Earth unite daily in spontaneous homage to this will of self-love? No man can show greater self-love, than by giving up all he believes. Why do I value this self-love before all else? Is it not because I may be free to believe in evil, but have no thought that anything can do me injury? All is self-love, the people of the world, if they only knew, are its devotees. My new law is the great clue to life. If the world could understand this, the rotten fabric discarded, they would diligently follow the way in their own hearts, there would be no further desire for unity . . .  Try and imagine what that implies."