The Beat Book
  • The Beat Book


    Edited by Anne Waldman: Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, Ferlinghetti, di Prima, Kandel, Welch, Ferlinghetti, Snyder, et al. 


    Shambhala: 1996. Signed first edition. Hardcover in dust jacket, pencil annotations from a local poet and professor (friend of Waldman's), signed by Waldman on the title page. Very good. 


    "We seek to find new phrases; we try hard, we writhe and twist and blow; every now and then a clear harmonic cry gives new suggestions of a tune, a thought, that will someday be the only tune and thought in the world and which raise men's souls to joy. We fint it, we lose, we moan for man. It's the pathos of people that gets us down, all the lovers in this dream."