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  • Sunstone

    Octavio Paz.


    New Directions: 1987. First edition. Hardcover in dust jacket. Near fine. 


    "course of a journey among the densities
    of the days of the future and the fateful
    brilliance of misery shining like a bird
    that petrifies the forest with its singing
    and the annunciations of happiness
    among the branches which go disappearing,
    hours of light even now pecked away by the birds,
    omens which even now fly out of my hand,

    an actual presence like a burst of singing,
    like the song of the wind in a burning building,
    a long look holding the whole world suspended,
    the world with all its seas and all its mountains,
    body of light as it is filtered through agate,
    the thighs of light, the belly of light, the bays,
    the solar rock and the cloud-colored body,
    color of day that goes racing and leaping,
    the hour glitters and assumes its body,
    now the world stands, visible through your body,
    and is transparent through your transparency"


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