"Society Must Be Defended"
  • "Society Must Be Defended"


    Michel Foucault. 


    Picador: 2003. First edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Near fine.


    “If I feel like it and if I can be bothered to, I will talk to you about the notion of 'repression,' which has, I think, the twofold disadvantage, in the use that is made of it, of making obscure reference to a certain theory of sovereignty—the theory of the sovereign rights of the individual—and of bringing into play, when it is used, a whole set of psychological references borrowed from the human sciences, or in other words from discourses and practices that relate to the disciplinary domain. I think that the notion of 'repression' is still, whatever critical use we try to make of it, a juridico-disciplinary notion; and to that extent the critical use of the notion of "repression" is tainted, spoiled, and rotten from the outset because it implies both a juridical reference to sovereignty and a disciplinary reference to normalization.”