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    T. Dewitt Talmage.


    Holloway & Co: 1888. Hardcover. Near fine.


    Or the Wickedness of Modern Society. Hilarious old-timey religious indignation, chapters concerning "Evil Companions," "Dark Deeds," "Babylonian Feasts," "Intemperance," "Sins of the City," and "Sold Out for Eternity." A profound and exceedingly helpful book if one simply does the opposite of everything Talmage instructs.


    "Pass on through the alley. Open the door. 'Oh,' you say, 'it is locked.' No, it is not locked. It has never been locked. No burglar would be tempted to go in there to steal anything. The door is never locked. Only a broken chair stands against the door. Shove it back. Go in. Strike a match. Now, look. Beastliness and rags. See those glaring eyeballs. Be careful now what you say. Do not utter any insult, do not utter any suspicion, if you value your life. What is that red mark on the wall? It is the mark of a murderer's hand! Look at those two eyes rising up out of the darkness and out from the straw in the corner, coming."


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