Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California
  • Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California


    J.M. Hutchings.


    A. Roman Company: 1870. Later Printing. Hardcover. Very Good. 


    A Tourist's Guide to the Yo-Semite Valley. Illustrated with Over 100 Engravings.


    "It is much to be questioned if the discovery of any wonder, in any part of the world, has ever elicited as much general interest, or created so strong a tax upon the credulity of mankind, as the discovery of the mammoth trees of California. Indeed, those who first mentioned the fact of their existence, whether by word of mouth or by letter, were looked upon as near, very near, relatives of Baron Munchausen, Captain Gulliver, or the celebrated Don Quixote. The statement had many times to be repeated, and well corroborated, before it could be received as true; and there are many persons who, to this very day, look upon it as as a somewhat doubtful “California story;” such, we never expect to convince of the realities we are about to illustrate and describe, although we do so from our own personal knowledge and observation."


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