Pay As You Exit
  • Pay As You Exit


    W.R. Burnett


    Unpublished, circa 1950's. Quarto. Three hole punched and bound with metal fasteners, thick tan paper boards, the rear born with a small tear at the top. 136 pages. Very good.


    Unproduced screenplay by one of Hollywood's most influential writers. Burnett's first novel turned film, Little Caesar, was a foundational contribution to the gangster genre. The prolific author of numerous films and novels went on to recieve an Academy Award nomination for his work on The Great Escape. Burnett's characters exist in a world beyond good and evil—virtue can come from gangsters and hustlers, malice from guardians and saints. Title page stamped by Burnett's tinsel town literary agent, H.N. Swanson, who also represented F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner in Hollywood. OCLC identifies no copies held by institutions. Exceptionally rare, bordering on singular. Only one other copy currently for sale as a part of a massive Burnett archive.