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    E. Carrick.


    J. M. Dent and Sons: 1931. Second edition. Hardcover. Very good.


    A handlist of bookplates from the period with facsimilie reproductions pasted throughout. Introductory essay on the bookplate as triffle by the author.  25 bookplates in all, including the plate used by Isadora Duncan. Understated, beautiful. 


    "I know of some admirable artists in England who like to make big bookplates. They engrave marvellous things in their own way which are liked; but to me a big, ponderous bookplate which is a 'masterpiece of the engraver's art' is rather too like a person who is trying to make a fuss. I hate the thing, I wish it ill, for no good bookplate fusses, it makes no scene, it stands back and keeps quiet."