Introduction to the Reading of Hegel
  • Introduction to the Reading of Hegel


    Alexandre Kojève. 


    Cornell University Press: 1980. Paperback. New.


    Georges Bataille said he came away from the seminars "bursting, crushed, killed twice over: suffocated and transfixed." He adds, "No one more than [Kojève] understood in depth the possibilities of intelligence (no doctrine is comparable to his—it is the summit of positive intelligence)."


    Raymond Aron: “Kojève first translated several lines of the Phenomenology, emphasizing certain words, then he spoke, with no notes, without ever stumbling over a word, in an impeccable French made original and fascinating as well with his Slavic accent. He captivated an audience of superintellectuals who were inclined toward doubt or criticism. Why? Talent, dialectical virtuosity had something to do with it. I do not know if his talent as an orator survives intact in the book recording the final year of his course, but this art, which had nothing to do with eloquence, stemmed from his subject and his person.”