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Inside The Company: CIA Diary
  • Inside The Company: CIA Diary

    Philip Agee. 


    Stonehill: 1975. First edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Very good in a good jacket. 


    "By financing the Conservatives and Social Christians in the quasi-religious campaign against Cuba and communism, we helped them destroy Velasco's power base among the poor who had voted so overwhelmingly for him. By the time Velasco introduced the new taxes and unification of the exchange rate, our campaign, led by the rightists and assisted by inflation, had already turned popular opinion against him. It was an easy matter then for the CTE, URJE, FEUE and others with extreme-left inclinations to usurp the anti-Velasco banner using Arosema as their anti-oligarchical symbol and as legitimate successor. 

    Our principal tasks in the coming months will be to renew the campaign against relations with Cuba through the National Defense Front and other operations while monitoring carefully the penetration by the extreme left of Arosemena's government - and their preparations for armed action. Although both the second and third in succession to Arosemena are on our payroll, it would be difficult to argue that the present security situation is an improvement on the Velasco regime. 

    The fundamental reasons why there is any security problem at all remain the same: concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the very few with marginalization of the masses of the people." 

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