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How to Make ESP Work for You
  • How to Make ESP Work for You

    Harold Sherman. 


    DeVorss & Co.: 1965. Fifth printing. Hardcover in a jacket. Book very good with bumps on the corners and top of the spine and four small dents on the boards. Jacket good with tears along the edges and a torn but not detached top of the spine. 


    "From what hypnotism has discolsed, man's mind seems to operate much like a video tape recorder. It constantly photographs, in mental picture form, every experience as it is being lived, together with everything that is said to and by the entity, so that a complete record in exact continuity is wound up on the memory tape of the mind. Through hypnotism you can get a playback of any period in your life, from the earliest impressionable moment up to the present instant. You can recite a poem or repeat a conversation or describe a scene or remember an incident or recall a fact you have long since consciously forgotten. If you have had some unhappy or loathsome sexual experience of other disturbing personal adventure which you have repressed, it can be dug out under hypnosis and exposed to conscious view. The recording machine of your mind never stops." 

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