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How to Cook a Wolf
  • How to Cook a Wolf

    MFK Fisher. 


    Duell, Sloan, & Pearce: 1946. Seventh printing. Hardcover with jacket. Book is very good. Tanned edges and a chipped crown but with pages so crisp it's a jolt when you open the book and read. Jacket is good with tears and extreme fragility at the folds.  


    "When he writes so sensibly, it is hard not to say, along with the Governor of South Carolina who was talking to the Governor of North Carolina, that it's a long time between drinks, especially when there is sweet music and your love and good liquor. Then you can raise a glass to the wolf with impunity, and a courage that is real, no matter how alcoholic, and know that even if you regret it tomorrow, you have been a man without qualms either amorous or budgetary tonight." 

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