Giant Night
  • Giant Night

    Anne Waldman.


    New York City: Corinth Books, 1970. Small octavo. Perfect-bound white and lavendar printed paper wraps. 94 pages. First edition limited to 2,000 paperbound copies, signed by the author on the title page. Fine.


    Cover illustration by Joe Brainard. Waldman's fourth book of poetry. Easy to love and hard to define, her work has been aligned with the Beats, the New York School, and the Outriders. Ginsberg called her his "spiritual wife." The pair make an apperance in Bob Dylan's film Renaldo & Clara, the footage gathered during the infamous Rolling Thunder tour. From the library of a poet friend of hers.


    "Awake in a giant night
    is where I am
    There is a river where my soul, 
    hungry as a horse drinks beside me

    An hour of immense possibility flies by 
    and I do nothing but sit in the present 
    which keeps changing moment to moment

    How can I tell you my mind is a blanket?"