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  • Fritters


    Solomon Rino; drawings by Cameron Cairney.


    Somewhere in California: The Epoptai Press, 2015. Loose textured brown paper wrap with a white pastedown, letterpress printed in Bembo accordion-style. Unpaginated. One of 25 copies, this being number 6, signed by the poet and the illustrator. Fine.


    Rino is a poet, printer and translator, notably working with the last poems of the Hungarian Miklós Radnóti, which were found in his raincoat pocket after his corpse was pulled from a mass grave in 1946. Rino's poetry, bearing no resemblance to Radnóti's, pairs beautifully with the impressionistic drawings by Cairney. Far out, ultra-limited though affordable California fine press.


    "only in this are we sincere

    winged arachnids clamber up the fleshy septum

    between cruelty and the ripening halo

    not soul but what soul intends"

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