• Cosmopolitanism


    Kwame Anthony Appiah.


    W.W. Norton & Company: 2006. First edition. Hardcover in dust jacket. Fine. 


    Ethics in a World of Strangers. 


    “ . . . if relativism about ethics and morality were true, then, at the end of many discussions, we. would each have to end up by saying, 'From where I stand, I am right. From where you stand, you are right.' And there would be nothing further to say. From our different perspectives, we. would be living effectively in different worlds. And without a shared world, what is there to discuss? People often recommend relativism because they think it will lead to tolerance. But if we cannot learn from one another what it is right to think and feel and do, then conversation between us will be pointless. Relativism of that sort isn't a way to encourage conversation; it's just a reason to fall silent.”