City Lights Journal Number Two
  • City Lights Journal Number Two


    Celine, Rimbaud, O'Hara, Ginsberg, Snyder, Beck, Kandel, Apollinaire, Cassady, Snyder et. al. 


    City Lights: 1964. First edition, signed by the editor Lawrence Ferlinghetti on the title page.  Softcover. Very good.


    "White the October air, no snow, easy to breathe
    beneath the sky, lies, lies everywhere writhing and


    gasping clutching and tangling, it is not easy to breathe
    lies building their tendrils into dim figures
    who disappear down corridors in west-side apartments

    into childhood’s proof of being wanted, not


    abandoned, kidnapped

    betrayal staving off loneliness, I see the fog lunge in
    and hide it

                                                                              where are you?"