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Be Not Content
  • Be Not Content


    William J. Craddock.


    Garden City: Doubleday & Co., 1970. Pictorial paper wraps, slight crinkling affecting the bottom corner, moderately toned, dime-sized spot on the upper right of the verso. 336 pages. First paperback edition, inscribed by the author. Very good.


    A subterranean journal, being a skeletal history and chronicle of the experiences of a single, minor freak connected to a single, minor tribe of acid freaks in California, beginning in the early days of the Psychedelic Revolution, including a brief sampling of an insignificant number of individuals involved, their ideas and their ideals, and a flickering glimpse of but a scant few of the problems, obstacles, superstitions, fears, misunderstandings, joys, insights, loves and frustrations that they faced, manufactured and struggled with in their once pure quest for the elusive path to even more elusive enlightenment in a set constructed exclusively of intricate but obvious illusions of which they occasionally (with infinite sadness, regretting the revelation) realized that they were undeniably a micro-part. Exceedingly rare signed copy.


    "While psychologists were carefully researching the effects of a hundred and fifty micro grams of LSD on test subjects, Zad was trying to 'rip away the curtain with a thousand."

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