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Art & The Creative Unconscious
  • Art & The Creative Unconscious

    Erich Neumann. Translated by Ralph Manheim. 


    Bollingen: 1959. Second printing. Hardcover in a jacket. Near fine with foxing on its edges. 


    "Never before was the beautiful so close to the terrible. The masters of Zen Buddhism often twisted their disciples' noses or struck them in the face in order to bring them illumination by thrusting them back on themselves. Similarly, our time and our destiny, and often our art as well, strike us in the face, perhaps also in order to fling us into the void of the center, which is the center of transformation and birth. For despite all the despair and darkness which are still more evident in us and our art than the secret forces of of the new birth and the new synthesis, we must not forget that no epoch, amid the greatest danger to its existence, has shown so much readiness to burst the narrow limits of its horizon and open itself to the great power which is striving to rise out of the unknown." 

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