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Alexander's Path
  • Alexander's Path

    from Caria to Cilicia


    Freya Stark. 


    John Murray: 1958. First British edition. Hardcover in a jacket. Book very good, jacket good. Fading on the spine and borders of the boards. 


    "When Alexander and his friends walked here, the citadels were intact on their hills. Their walls and towers were in sight from one to the other, with broader fields about them than now. Some pillared temple or portico must always have been appearing, with the snows of Ak Dagh western or eastern behind it, as one rode past the lion-headed sarcophagi to the straight gateways across the ridge's undulations along a road where the sea was out of sight but always felt. It ran like a backbone through the level landscape painted like some medieval missal with spiky ridges, and small clear points of rock surrounding flats of corn, where the army rested beside the scanty waters that still remain." 

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